The Ultimate in Glass surface coating protection!

Our glassparancy coating helps to repel water, dirt, snow ice and any other debris from sticking to your glass. This glass hydrophobic coating is a great addition to keeping your fresh tinted windows cleaner!

The Great Benefits of GlassParency

  • Improves clarity and visibility to extend driver reaction time by 34%
  • One-time application
  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing defrost time
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty and yearly maintenance included! (inquire for details)
  • Included maintenance formula
  • Increases visibility in the rain, at night and during snow
  • Reduces night and day time glare
  • Keeps glass clean and pristine
  • Increases overall safety of the driver and passengers
  • There is no cure time. It’s instant and you the customer can drive away immediately, even in the rain!

Where can we install this surface coating on?

We can install on any glass surface, including automotive, residential and commercial window surfaces.

Some of the most popular surfaces include vehicle front windshields, rollup windows, glass shower enclosures, mirrors and granite countertops. Residential outside window surfaces coated make for easy cleaning with a simply spray of water.

Pricing is based on surface area that is covered.

For more information and product demos visit:

Contact us to inquire more about this service.

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